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Mustaqbil Pakistan (Urdu: مستقبل پاکستان‎, MP) is a political party founded in 2010 by a group of professionals looking to bring about a change in politics in Pakistan.[1] The main emphasis of the party is to bring people of competence, integrity, and honesty into Pakistani politics.[2] The founders of the party allege that all of Pakistan's travails - poverty, corruption, terrorism, sectarian violence, and lawlessness - are due to a single root cause: that the people who are now in Pakistan's politics do not have the necessary competence, integrity, honesty and even desire to run the country. MP's presence has 12 offices in 3 provinces of the country. The party has over 10,000 registered members and over 170,000 supporters and well-wishers on social media.[7] The party has seen large expansion and hopes to participate in the 2018 general elections. Special attention is being given to remote areas of the country such as the mountainous north of the country where the party recently[when?] opened an office in Swat

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